Monday, December 22, 2014

Work In Progress

    It's been a long time since I've posted a work in progress.  It's not that I don't like doing it, it's just I get so caught up in my process I forget to take pictures.  I'm currently working on two new Splat the Cat books, and my Christmas 2014 collection of sculpts.  When I have completed my collection I will be having a web sale here on my blog.  I'll announce the date of the sale here, and on my Grimm Grinz Studio Facebook page.
    So, here we go.  This is a sled I am making for a Santa sculpt.  I forgot to take a pic of the sketches on the modeling plywood so this series of pics starts after I cut them out.  I hope you enjoy a peek into my process for creating a prop.

Santa's Sleigh:

Cutting out these 10 pieces on the scroll saw was a bit unnerving.  Sand until smooth.
Wood glue is my friend for all my wood pieces.

Two coats of Liquitex acrylic paint.

Adding some designs to the piece.  Some stenciling and freehand painting.

A little too 'new' looking.  Time for some age.

Sanding, staining, glazing until I'm satisfied this little guy doesn't look so new.
Finally complete and ready for Santa!

Top view.


  1. I TOTALLY understand about not posting WIP images, it takes a lot of time to do. This is a great post, thanks for the behind the scenes peek.

    1. It does take some time, but I'm always glad when I do it. Thanks for stopping by Len.

  2. Love to see how other artists put their pieces together. Wonderful work on the sleigh Robert. :-)

  3. This blows me away!!!! -Holly Grimm

  4. Gorgeous as is all of your work!!!!!